This “surfpunk” band from Perth, Australia have a new single, well it’s an EP as they say, on the italian punk label GOODBYE BOOZY. Its 4 tracks long and I guessed its housed in a crappy, thin, copied paper sleeve cause thats the overall style of this budget label. I hope i can get a copy soon cause I really wanna know if its as good as the full lenght ABORTED TORTOISE did a while ago. Gabriele, send me a copy or I throw some money on you!

Oh, and while at it, some of these guys have a new band cause one is living in Germany right now. The name of the new band is kinda dull, its GHOULIES, but the music is great, have a listen to 11 synthpunk tunes they released via bandcamp here: https://ghouliesperth.bandcamp.com/releases


Well, time flies, tippyteens, and in the last years you poor guys andĀ gals had no possability to hear the latest gassip from international garage punk superheroes, had no guideline whut rekkids to buy and which ones are to avoid. Maybee you even got misled by false prophets went to a “garagepunk” concert with hippie bands on stage. Shame on you. MEA CULPA I say, but I had way better things to do than to bring another gazillion Euros in the CHOKE MEDIA EMPIRE repertory. Continue reading “ARE WE BACK?”