Category: Ex-Fat Wreck Band with the most ugly record covers is: BRACKET. Yeah, this is not an easy one, but the trophy goes to this group of grown up men from California, USA. They have never been famous for good cover designs, with the exception of their two albums BEFORE they signed with Fat Wreck, namely “Forestville” and “4-Wheel-Vibe” (CLASSIC albums if you ask me…), the Fat era album covers were so-so, but what happened since their “comeback” in 2014 is just one eyesore after the other. Just when you thought it could not get worse, after last years “Best of W├╝rst” LP/CD which looked more like some demo CD cover of a mid 90ties ska-punk school band, here is the new one…



Old label, new logo.

Be honest: did you miss Bancroft Records? Not really? Of course there were other premier garage punk labels with outstanding releases. Bachelor Records comes to me mind… i dunno why… well. Bancroft started in the early 00 years and did classics like BLACK TIME, REAL LOSERS and CATHOLIC BOYS, but they lost their fun in releasing records in 2009. God knows why, but they are revitalizing the label with two releases we are really looking forward to!


DIG! Records, Leesburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

Glam Pop or Glitter Punk, I dunno, but what I know is that this JOSEPHINE & HERSHGUY album that DIG! Records just put out is a instant classic. It is so good that only four tracks that are available for streaming on their bandcamp site are reason enough to buy this album.

And while at it, be sure to pick up the latest repress of THE WHIFFS – Another Whiff LP, this time on cream colored vinyl.


THE WHIFFS – Another Whiff LP


This US reissue label is on again! The second batch of releases that are out in the next days consists of two singles and, for the first time on Reminder Records, an full lenght, the complete recordings of David Burnett and Lee Cuttelle. Australian songwriting duo responsible for some of the best and most sought after punk and powerpop singles of the era. DAVE & LEE – Singles Collection LP will also have lots of rare photos and extensive liner nots, packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

The other two releases are singles a reissue of the lone single of LAZY, a short lived DC powerpop / party band, originally released in 1980, and THE DAZE – I wanna be a star 7″ reissue, originally out in 1979. If you see an OG out in the wilderness, there are chances that there is a 500 Euro price tag on it….



Munster Records / Spain is going to reissue the second album of THE MONKEYWRENCH named “Electric Children” via their sublabel Bang! Records. It came out in 1999, when most of you were still wearing Airwalk (TM) sneakers and baggy pants. This band was including Mark Arm (Mudhoney, Bloodloss), Steve Turner (Mudhoney), Tim Kerr (Big Boys), Tom Price (Gas Huffer, U-Men) and Martin Bland (Bloodloss, Lubricated Goat).

Originally this was released on ESTRUS RECORDS. Is this one of the first reissues of records that came out on Estrus? Let us know. Thank you!

Release Date: January 15, 2021


Well, 28 years after the last issue KICKS MAGAZINE seems to be back! HA you say? Here you got it, greaser! I personally only managed to buy only ONE issue back then in 1992, that’s the one with THE TRASHMEN as cover models, lucky number 7, and I think 20 years later I bought the reprint of the #1, originally released in 1979. Never saw another copy of #2-#6 anywhere in the fleamarkets of Innsbruck or Salzburg, Austria – no wonder! Who would sell memorabilia / almanachs like that! Yeah right!

So here you have it: The cover of the upcoming issue!

Nope, I don’t know when it is gonna be available, and no, you cannot preorder it, and yeah, the MIND OVER MATTER book is highest priority at Norton Books right now so dont expect KICKS to come out before the release date of that… which is Sept 15th if I remember correctly.

Still Stunned!


Another fine reissue label is born. Are you already sick of reissues? Well, we are definitely NOT. Expecially if its really really great and expensive powerpop gems with perfect artwork (re-)design and sound! All of this is definitely the case with Reminder Records from Brooklyn, NYC. The guy running it is Jeremy Thomson, he did Sing Sing Records from 2009 – 2012 and played in a bunch of bands prior to that, including CARBONAS, BUSY SIGNALS and GAMES.

The first three reissues are…

CHERYL – Killer Kiss 7″

THE SOUND – Physical World 7″
CASSIE – Change my Image 7″

You can buy them directly at Reminder Records or of course at the well stocked webshop of Bachelor Records, if you are from Europe thats surely the wiser option… third option would be to buy the originals for about 150 Euros a pop….


For thousands of garage punk enthusiasts, this might be one of the things which is getting them nervous…. some months ago authors / graphik designers Scott Sugiuchi and Chris Coyle announced that they are working on a book about Estrus Records. I might say that this label was as inflential for the whole garage rock / garage punk scene as um… K Recs was for indie pop and Lookout for poppunk. A release date hasnt been set yet, but to keep us fanboys drooling over this, they now released the cover artwork….

Estrus – Shoveling the Shit since ’87 (Korero Press)

For more info on this project as well as frequent updates check www.facebook.com/estrusrecordsbook or Instagram.