Well, 28 years after the last issue KICKS MAGAZINE seems to be back! HA you say? Here you got it, greaser! I personally only managed to buy only ONE issue back then in 1992, that’s the one with THE TRASHMEN as cover models, lucky number 7, and I think 20 years later I bought the reprint of the #1, originally released in 1979. Never saw another copy of #2-#6 anywhere in the fleamarkets of Innsbruck or Salzburg, Austria – no wonder! Who would sell memorabilia / almanachs like that! Yeah right!

So here you have it: The cover of the upcoming issue!

Nope, I don’t know when it is gonna be available, and no, you cannot preorder it, and yeah, the MIND OVER MATTER book is highest priority at Norton Books right now so dont expect KICKS to come out before the release date of that… which is Sept 15th if I remember correctly.

Still Stunned!