Another fine reissue label is born. Are you already sick of reissues? Well, we are definitely NOT. Expecially if its really really great and expensive powerpop gems with perfect artwork (re-)design and sound! All of this is definitely the case with Reminder Records from Brooklyn, NYC. The guy running it is Jeremy Thomson, he did Sing Sing Records from 2009 – 2012 and played in a bunch of bands prior to that, including CARBONAS, BUSY SIGNALS and GAMES.

The first three reissues are…

CHERYL – Killer Kiss 7″

THE SOUND – Physical World 7″
CASSIE – Change my Image 7″

You can buy them directly at Reminder Records or of course at the well stocked webshop of Bachelor Records, if you are from Europe thats surely the wiser option… third option would be to buy the originals for about 150 Euros a pop….