This “surfpunk” band from Perth, Australia have a new single, well it’s an EP as they say, on the italian punk label GOODBYE BOOZY. Its 4 tracks long and I guessed its housed in a crappy, thin, copied paper sleeve cause thats the overall style of this budget label. I hope i can get a copy soon cause I really wanna know if its as good as the full lenght ABORTED TORTOISE did a while ago. Gabriele, send me a copy or I throw some money on you!

Oh, and while at it, some of these guys have a new band cause one is living in Germany right now. The name of the new band is kinda dull, its GHOULIES, but the music is great, have a listen to 11 synthpunk tunes they released via bandcamp here: https://ghouliesperth.bandcamp.com/releases